How To Give Yourself A Man Makeover

male model” It has become the norm now for men to take better care of themselves, and make more of an effort to look good, this is a simple guide on how to give yourself a new look ready for Christmas.

There is a line to be drawn here, now I strongly believe that men do need to take care of themselves and make an effort more, but I do not subscribe to the need of makeup, pedicures,manicures, eyebrow plucking or any other nonsense that is completely unnecessary for a man, because at the end of the day you want to look like well dressed and styled man, not some washed up drag queen with more fake tan than the piz buin factory.

1. Get Some Colour

A healthy tan makes you look vibrant and healthy, and can give you boost in self confidence. The mistake not to make is going over the top, you certainly do not want to look like Burt Reynolds, you can either go to a sun bed parlour and take 6 minutes on the bed, (it won’t cost you much normally around £6-£9) for that length of time. If you are worried about skin cancer and such then opt for a spray tan, it will last longer than home kits and ranges from £25-£100 depending on where you go, make sure you ask for a light healthy tan.

2. Get Waxed

I used to wax on a regular basis, I liked the smooth look, but my girlfriend prefers my hairy chest so I don’t do it anymore, but I will pass on my advice for those that want the smooth look. Take great care in buying home waxing and hair removal kits, I know this sounds odd but keep away from ones designed for men, I have found in the past that they are heavily perfumed and harsh on the skin, often bringing you out in spots and sore irritating rashes. Go for the sensitive skin type for women, they are more mild. Read the instructions carefully, and do NOT wax your balls for god sake, it is very painful, if you want to trim that area, wax around the groin only, then use a razor for the balls.

3. Get Some Style

You don’t have to shell out hundreds to look good these days, with shops like Primark and Tk Maxx you can find some real bargains. Be a bit daring when going to buy new clothes, by daring I don’t mean lime green shirts and white loafers, I mean go for something you wouldn’t normally buy, for instance if you wear a lot of black, go out and buy a nice black shirt and trousers, but pick up a nice brown leather jacket to go with it like the one pictured. If you are completely oblivious to style, then ask one of your mates to go with you, but pick someone that is clearly stylish, picking your mate that wears nothing but tracky bottoms and a vest is not going to help you.

4.Get Cut

My haircut costs £7.50 every 6 weeks, but at Christmas time I like to make more of an effort. Instead of going to your local barber book yourself in to a salon like Tony & Guy, or Scissors, ask for the top stylist and not a junior and ask for a new creative haircut. Expect to shell out around £35 for a decent cut but the finished look is worth it, if you want to style your new hair go to this previous post (Top Hairstyling Products) for some recommendations.

5. Get Cosmetics

There is a wealth of male cosmetics out there now, but the one brand that works for me is the loreal for men range, it does the job and smells good, To start with pick up the anti fatigue moisturiser, the eye serum and the anti wrinkle moisturiser, they cost about £5 each but they go far. Use these products to give your skin a healthy lift and make you feel more vibrant and confident.

6. Get Smelly

You want a nice fragrance to finish off your new look, so go out and get something nice, stay off the Brut or Old Spice it’s nasty, cheap and smells like piss. Go to somewhere like the perfume shop, and test out some fragrances, and find something you like, if you want some tips on what to get, here is a rundown of what I wear (Top 5 Fragrances)

Keep everything simple, don’t go out and buy a shed load of stuff you don’t need, follow these simple steps to give you a spanking new look for Christmas.

If you have some style tips for us then why not leave a comment and share your wisdom.”

Picture from Alaskan Dude


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  1. This is some of the most valueable information that I’ve come across online in a while. Thanks for creating this website!

  2. J Alberto says:

    I appreciate you article.
    I like Fragrances.
    And i want known more abouit fragrances and perfumes

    Good Work

  3. Dominique says:

    It is ture that a lot of men tend to overlook that aspect of getting a makeover. Very informative article. Let’s not forget wearing some killer clothes to make the makeover even nicer

    • Adam says:

      Thanks for the input, the blog is heavily humour based as you probably noticed, but I do like to put some useful and informative content on here too, glad you liked it and come back soon :-)

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