Web Wednesday

”This is a new feature I have decided to add to the site and will be a regular feature every Wednesday. It is a collection of the best content I have come across over the weekend and mid week, so that you guys can check it out and comment on some of the sites if you wish, enjoy fellas!

Man-Over-Board.com Glenn has written a nice post about the relationship between a man and his jeans, a great post that i’m sure we can all relate to, check it out.

Justaguything.com Has done a great post about the P90X workout program which claims to make you ripped in 90 days! the post has some really valuable information and is well worth a look.

Artofmanliness.com Is always a favourite of mine, Brett’s blog is well established and his posts are always informative, check out his post on resiliency.

Muttznuttz.com Is running a great competition at the minute for finding 12 sexy ladies to star in their 2011 calendar, so if you have a hot wife or girlfriend then go visit the site and give it a go!

Gunaxin.com tells us 4 ways facebook is runining your life

Askmen dishes out some grooming advice

I found this strange video stuffed down the back of the internet, it is a music video from some obscure pop band in the 80’s

And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a dose of sexy ladies now would it.”


2 Responses to “Web Wednesday”
  1. Oh god I can't believe I watched that whole video.I am coming down with a cold and the keyboard was to far away for to hit escape, the dog police is now stuck in my brain. I will get even!!!!!!!!!

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