10 Of The Most Bizarre Fetishes

”I think most of us men are guilty of experimenting with some sort of fetish, indulging in a bit of roleplay? maybe being tied up and spanked? or perhaps partaking in a bit of necrophilia? (hopefully not) but if you dig deep enough the Internet can reveal some of the most bizarre and genuine fetishes that people actually enjoy. Here is a list of 10 fetishes that are weirder than your grandad wearing Reebok’s.

1. Symphorophilia

Kicking off the list is the fetish called Symphorophilia which means that a person gets sexually aroused by natural disasters, so if your wondering why you felt the urge to reach for the Kleenex when the Haiti earthquake came on the news, This is why.

2. Klismaphilia

This fetish means a person gets sexual gratification through receiving an enema, I fail to see the attraction myself but just be wary if your mate is overly enthusiastic about having one.

3. Hemotigolagnia

A Hemotigolagniac is someone who gets turned on by ’sanitary pads’ Either used or not, watch out for the dude ramming allways ultra into a shopping trolley whilst dribbling.

4. Harpaxophilia

A Harpaxophiliac gets heavily aroused at the thought of being burgled, this makes me wonder what is wrong with the human race, someone getting their rocks whilst having there Xbox nicked is ludicrous, and I can imagine quite unpleasant for the burglar too!

5. Nasolingus

Picking my your nose and flicking it is a pretty fun past time for many men, but do this around someone with Nasolingus (someone who is aroused by bogeys) you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

6. Parthenophagy

This one is a bit dark, a person with this fetish gets turned on by the thought of eating (not eating out) young girls or virgins, so any virgins should get laid now in case you end up in a stew.

7. Tripsolagnia

A person with this fetish gets sexual pleasure from having there hair shampooed, step away from the Timotei!

8. Avisodomy

Someone who gets sexual gratification from having sex with birds, no wonder Bill Oddie is always smiling, dirty bastard.

9. Catheterophilia

I have no idea why but a person with this fetish gets turned on by ‘catheters’ what they actually do with a catheter to get sexual pleasure from it is a mystery.

10. Nosolagnia

This is weird, a person that has this fetish gets ‘happy’ knowing there partner has a terminal illness….what is wrong with people, a box of tissues and the underwear section of a Kay’s catalogue is just not enough for some people!

Do you know of any weird fetishes? or perhaps your into to some of the ones I have listed, Leave a comment!”

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7 Responses to “10 Of The Most Bizarre Fetishes”
  1. Jen says:

    I don’t think getting turned on while getting your hair washed is so weird. Better than the booger one.

    The foot fetish always creeped me out. I have perfect feet, really, I do. None of that second toe being larger than the first stuff going on, but having someone suck on my toes makes me want to vomit. Perfectly wasted.

    • admin says:

      haha you make me chuckle, I agree though that bogey one is sick, I think the worst one for me is the fetish whereby someone gets turned on by the tought of their partner having a terminal illness, what the heck is wrong with people lol! thanks for ya comment Jen :-)

  2. chantelle says:

    Theres Teratophilia, An attraction to deformed people :-O
    and also everyone will know this one nechrofilia which is sexual desire towards deseased people :-/ crazy stuff!!

  3. tommy says:

    Hmmm, I didn’t see herpyphilia, or furry on your list, so I must not be that off.
    Yea its pretty hard to compete with fetishes like, nosolagnia, and catheterophilia. That’s just wacked, and as far as klismophilia, I would never allow anything to go up there XP. Not to mention, there’s vore and bestiality, and hemophilia, and oh god… Too many to count.

  4. Mike says:

    This is embarassing, but I have a diaper fetish. It means I like to wear and use diapers for sexual purposes.

  5. coltten says:

    infantilism -there’s two types AB (adult baby) where one likes to act like a baby, wearing diapers, baby clothes and drinking from bottles. then there’s DL (diaper lovers) who are sexually aroused by wearing diapers, even urinating and messing in them.
    I unfortunately am a DL

  6. Jack50n says:

    What about a fart fetish, I’ve heard of brazillian fart porn

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