How to spy on your girlfriends texts

”There may be many reasons a man might want to check his missus texts, but I think mainly it would be down to the fact you suspect her of having it off with your mate, the bin man, your uncle, heck even your dad! whatever. The fact remains that men are extremely suspicious by nature, especially if you have an attractive girlfriend. Now I’m not saying that you should be suspicious of your girl, particularly if you have been together for a long time and trust each other, then this post is not really for you, but if you do have a suspicion then read on to find how to get some valuable ‘ditching’ ammo from your girls phone.

1. Find her phone

Might sound obvious but be wary, if you strongly suspect her of cheating and she is leaving her phone lying around willy nilly, it could be that she has a second phone somewhere that she uses to text ‘dirty dave’ or whoever. Check that any old crappy mobile phones you have lying around your house have not suddenly gone missing, also check her underwear draw, loft, kitchen draws, and hell even the toilet cistern, you would be surprised how resourceful a cheating woman can be.

2. Pick the right moment

You gotta be careful, pick the right moment to go through her phone, you need to be sure she is going to be away from it for a long period of time, ideally when she is asleep, you could make an excuse not to go bed the same time as she does, then wait until she is fully asleep before sneaking in and getting her phone.

3. Know what your doing with her phone

The biggest mistake you can make is messing about with her phone and fumbling through stuff you don’t understand, not only will this make you look like a technological retard but will alert her to the fact that someones been messing about with it, like opening unread texts, leaving the phone on a menu screen etc. You need to leave the phone exactly how you left it.

4. Use phone tapping software

You can get various types of software on the Internet now that allows you to secretly tap into your girls phone calls and texts without her knowing, most are relatively cheap and are very effective. If you don’t have the ability to get hold of her phone then this would be a better option. A good one to use is e-stealth as not only do they have the software to spy on her phone but also various other gadgets and techno wizardry to help you.


I need to say this now that you need to have a good reason to be spying on her texts, if your just paranoid and ‘worried’ then that is not a good reason, if you are hearing stories of her kissing other blokes in the pub, she is acting strange when your mate comes round, or disappears for hours on end without telling you then yes that is a good reason, judge the situation for what it is and decide what to do.

I was cheated on by my ex fiance of 6 years more than once, I found out on all occasions and I felt a fool for taking her back. Now of course I am with the love of my life, I trust her implicitly, she is my soul mate and my best friend and I have no reason to check her texts, the reason I am giving you this advice is through my past experiences you can’t always rely on a woman to tell you she is cheating.”

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